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Jaqulin Faulkner

State of the Heart Virtual Learning is a company created as an interactive home-schooling resource. Catering for Years 1-10. www.stateoftheheart.space 0424246033

Maya Balbin
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Maya Balbin is a kind, caring professional Music Teacher specialising in young beginners who want a good foundation for their musical journey.


Unleashing young voices through joyful singing! Choirs4Kids offers inspiring online programs for ages 4-15, fostering confidence and creativity. ????????????

Linda Laasi

I am a music instrumental teacher with 10 years experience teaching in Primary schools. I offer online lessons in singing, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, violin.

Marlane Bennie

Hi! I'm a professional violinist and music educator with many years of experience. I offer online lessons to all ages and skill levels www.themindfulmusician.online

Melbourne Magic Academy

The internationally recognized and award winning Melbourne Magic Academy exists to create more happiness and empathy in our kids while adding a little magic in our world.

Melissa Paladino

I have a strong passion to build strong and professional relationships with students to assist them with their learning goals and ensuring they have a positive mindset.

Penny Lucas

I am a counsellor working with clients to manage stress, anxiety & grief.

Rosie Anastasio

Secondary teacher specialising in Health and Human Development (HHD) 7-12, Food Studies 7-12 and Media. I have taught VCE HHD and Food Studies the last 5 years.

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Shahnee Bannan

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Shahnee Bannan

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