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Jaqulin Faulkner

State of the Heart Virtual Learning is a company created as an interactive home-schooling resource. Catering for Years 1-10. www.stateoftheheart.space 0424246033

Lauren Reid

I am an experienced educator who is passionate about helping children reach their full potential. My teaching is based on highly effective evidence-based education.

Marlane Bennie

Hi! I'm a professional violinist and music educator with many years of experience. I offer online lessons to all ages and skill levels www.themindfulmusician.online

Rosie Anastasio

Secondary teacher specialising in Health and Human Development (HHD) 7-12, Food Studies 7-12 and Media. I have taught VCE HHD and Food Studies the last 5 years.

Sara Francesca

my experience, what i love about teaching, what my methods are...

Shahnee Bannan
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My passion is helping kids learn in a fun, supportive environment! Learning isn't just about growing academically, but thriving in social & emotional wellbeing!

Sydoni Smith

I am a teacher of the Australian Curriculum, Yoga teacher for 20 years. 10 years experience teaching Martial Arts and Swimming. I am a Graphic Designer & Photographer