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Shahnee Bannan Reviews

Submitted by Rosaria on 12/12/2021

Highly Recommend!

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My son has been working with Shahnee since the beginning of Term 4 when I decided to start homeschooling full-time. Shahnee has been amazing with my son, quickly creating a wonderful teacher-student report but importantly having my son catchup on parts of his english and maths that he was behind in due to all the online learning from lockdowns. Shahnee has worked with my son face-to-face and online and both have been really good. I highly recommend Shahnee and will continue to have her as my son's teacher and supporting me with homeschooling for 2022. 

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Amazing approach to learning

My son struggles with being taught. He learns when something is relevant and engaging. Shahnee has a special way of connecting with him and planning topics that engage and interest him. She challenges him to find the connections in text to discover grammar rules or explore language and find the roots of words. I was worried that we wouldn’t find anyone who could help learn the mundane stuff without getting frustrated and bored. But Shahnee has done an absolutely amazing job. We couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommend her. 

Submitted by Christine on 09/06/2022

Maths and English Tutoring

Shahnee has really been wonderful with her approach in tutoring my kids who have struggled with maths and English at school. Kids really feel comfortable with her and feel that they are understanding better with her methods of teaching, and I am getting great feedback from their school teachers. 

Submitted by Eylem Gutierrez on 08/06/2022

Thank you!

Shahnee has been the kind and nurturing teacher my daughter has needed. She challenges her throughout her lessons, has built strong rapport and trust, and understands how my daughter learns. Shahnee provides detailed lessons and feedback, and has a great knowledge around the gaps or the areas for extension that my daughter requires. 

Submitted by Abby on 08/06/2022

Tutoring of a high standard

We wanted to provide our 6-year-old daughter with additional support with her reading following the last few years of disruption at school.   I realised that the amount of attention given at school isn't sufficient to give my daughter a good foundation for reading during these critical years. Shahnee was precisely what we were looking for and my daughter enjoys the weekly lessons so much that it's accelerated her reading capability quite quickly. My daughter's love for reading has really flourished and we are very fortunate to have found the right fit for her. Following our sessions, we receive a lesson summary of what was covered and recommendations if needed, this helps us keep track of progress and allows us to check in during the week on any new words or sounds. 

Submitted by Daniela Nicastro on 08/06/2022


Shahnee definitely knows her work. She helped set up my applications for my daughters with just a few things i wrote to her about them. She was very helpful with all my questions and was very patient with me. I highly recommend her.

Submitted by Terrie on 18/01/2022