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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all members hold a Working with Children Check?

The Working with Children Check is an important part of the Department of Education's screening process to prevent people who pose a risk to the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children from being employed or engaged in child-related work.

All Wise Minds Australia members are required to upload their proof of valid check onto their profile. Therefor when viewing a members details this will include an image taken of their card for you to see however it is the users responsibility to check the validity of their proof such as expiry date. 

In Victoria for example teachers hold a physical card which encompasses their valid qualification, police check and working with children's check. Other states and industries most likely will have different requirements so whilst we ensure all new members upload their proof it is always up to the parent to ensure they continue to check and update their records 

Are the educators qualified?

We are yet to introduce a verification process for all members to provide proof of their qualifications. Due to each Australian state and territory having different requirements for a variety of different children's professional services and that WMA offer a directory with over 30 different industries we are currently building our own protocol and will endeavour to introduce this in due course.

We always suggest that each parent and employer regardless performs their own independent checks for validity and quality to ensure they are happy with their service provider. 

Can I home educate on a budget?

Absolutely! Homeschooling, home learning, home education, unschooling.... there are SO many options! and they are all possible on a insy-winsy budget. Free actually!

There is a huge amount of resources available online to download, watch & play. Obviously there is an endless range of paid services but we find many education sites offer a free trail or a cheaper basic option and educators most often provide a group class for less than private 1:1 tutoring.

Our best advise is to check out our member profiles and contact all your favourites and ask. We also have a growing Resources page offering lots of links to online educational sites.

Facebook is a great place to search or contact us and we will be happy to help you find some options.

Are the classes online or face to face?

Our members offer a variety of session types. When using the Wise Minds Australia searching filters you can choose whether you are after a face-to-face teacher, online only or both. 

Member profiles should provide further details to how they teach, whether they offer private one on one, semi private or larger style classes and a list of their services overall.

Do I pay Wise Minds or the educator?

Wise Minds Australia is a directory and resource website facilitating a connection between parent and service provider. 

All agreements, compliance, insurance, registration of qualifications, payments and any other agreement is solely between the parent (user) and the educator, teacher or professional service provider. 

There are some affiliate links through our Resource page and in some ads, read our Terms of Use for full disclosure

What is the radius on a postcode search?

The search radius is aproximatly 40 ks. If you would like to search as a parent further than this you can enter multiple postcodes ushering a comma (,) in between each postcode or alternatively leave the search field blank and view through the state entirely. 

It is also possible to search via our Integrated map. Click Browse Locations at the bottom of any of our pages however note that some members who have not added their postcode may not be searchable on our maps. 

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