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How It Works


1. Search

Use the Wise Minds Australia search options to find the type of educator, teacher or professional children's service you want. There are a wide range of educators, teachers, semi private classes and workshops to choose from and over 40 different subjects and industries to choose from! The directory is growing each day to ensure we meet the needs of all children and parents.

2. Review

Review your search results. Spend time going through the member profiles and choices reading about each option. There should be ample details in each members profile allowing you to learn about their qualifications, teaching methods, years qualified/experienced, their availability and class type. You can choose whether you want a service face to face or online. You can also narrow down your search results by entering your postcode, this will provide you with members in your chosen catergory who are local to you within 40 mile/60 kilometre radius.

3. Connect

Connect with our members by clicking either the Contact Now or Get More Info buttons and write to them with what you are after. We suggest you provide some basic information like the number and age of children and the year or type of education or support you may be after. Communication has now started and we do ask our members to respond to all enquires within two business days.


1. Sign up

Start by clicking the Get Listed Today and read through our three different membership types. Members can upgrade or downgrade anytime from their profile settings. If you are unsure which membership to choose you may like to read over our Feature Overview page or alternatively contact us with any questions.

2. Complete profile.

Once you register the site will open up your new dashboard where you will be prompted to complete the rest of your profile. Depending on which membership you chose there will be various fields to complete, some compulsary and some not. Never hesitate to contact us with any questions or help completing your profile as we want to ensure each member has the oportunity to promote their business properly and professionally.

3. Update Profile

As you create your profile there will be some automatic prompts to ensure the minimum amount of information is provided. It is important however that you go through all the profile options and complete all information required. The details required and shown on your profile will depend on the level of membership you have chosen. We also suggest you visit your profile and the Wise Minds Australia website often and update your profile with any new options as we grow and expand our paid memberhips capabilities.

4. Client Reviews

Ask your clients for a review and have them complete this on your Wise Minds Australia directory listing. Profiles with reviews have a much higher rate of engagement than ones with none at all.

5. Respond and Connect!

Parents will review your profile and make contact with questions and booking enquiries so ensure to check your emails reguarly. We ask our members to make contact within 2 business days and ask parents to advise our team should they not receive a response past this time.

Products and Advertisers

1. Products and Advertisers

Please contact us with your product or organisation and we will have a team member contact you to discuss further.