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Dennis Rodwell Reviews

Submitted by Michelle on 17/01/2024

Fantastic Maths Tutor!

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My 2 sons started with Dennis last year as a way to supplement their Maths learning and I could not be happier with their progress! Dennis is friendly, reliable and always keeps in communication about classes. A fantastic Maths teacher!!My boys, who are not usually that keen on online classes are absolutely thrilled that they've found a teacher who is not only patient, but explains Maths concepts in detail and in a way which makes it so easy for kids to understand. They said that if there was something they didn't quite grasp the concept of, Dennis would explain it until everyone in the class understood. You could not ask for more in someone who is teaching your children!I've noticed that even while doing homework, the boys truly understand the Maths work and can fly through it due to Dennis's explanations and examples. Not only will we be continuing with classes this year, but adding more sessions as it is truly worth it!  Thank you Dennis :)

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Absolute legend

Dennis has been tutoring my 16 year old son for two years on line. Best decision we made. Dennis is patient, enthusiastic, down to earth and relates so well to my son, that he continues to tell me how he’ll need Dennis’ support until he completes VCE. My son feels so comfortable with Dennis and says he explains maths problems in a way that he understands. My son was just passing maths in year 7, but once we connected him with Dennis, his grades are now incredible, always getting over 85%. Thanks Dennis, I don’t know what we would do without your support. 

Submitted by Addie on 04/02/2024

Fantastic Mathematics tutor!!

My daughter has had the absolute pleasure of working with an exceptional mathematics tutor, and I can’t recommend his services enough. From the very first session, it was evident that Dennis possessed an unrivaled level of expertise, patience, and knowledge in the field of mathematics.  What truly sets Dennis apart is his ability to adapt his teaching style to suit the individual needs and learning preferences of his students. He has a remarkable talent for breaking down complex mathematical concepts into easily digestible chunks, making even the most daunting problems seem manageable.His patience knows no bounds. No matter how many times my daughter stumbled or struggled to grasp a particular concept, Dennis remained calm, encouraging, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her understanding. His unwavering support and belief in my daughter’s abilities truly boosted her confidence and motivated her to push beyond her limits. Highly recommended!!

Submitted by Vicky Farish on 18/01/2024

What a total legend.

We began supplementing and outsourcing external services for our home educational program last year predominantly seeking a maths tutor. To have found Dennis , has changed the game. His skills in extrapolating/teaching mathematical concepts to my children are commendable. My children look forward to their lessons and I can’t wait to expand our tutoring to include other subjects he also caters for. Dennis is friendly , engaging , enthusiastically encouraging. I can’t help but be involved too at times (even as a parent facilitating our homeschool journey)  his lessons are enthralling and inspiring! I would highly recommend his services. 

Submitted by Amber on 17/01/2024

Best Maths Tutor

My 11 year old has always been 1-1.5yrs ahead of his peers in maths, however, mainstream school would never cater to him. We then started homeschooling and reached out to Dennis. Dennis did some assessments and confirmed that my son was infact ahead and planned all the maths work around that. My son absolutely loves his sessions with Dennis! Dennis is patient, caring and encouraging. He is a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to having him work with our second child this year also!Keep up the great work Dennis!

Submitted by Melinda on 15/01/2024

Best Maths Tutor

My son thoroughly enjoy Dennis’s maths tutor sessions.  My son gained so much out of Dennis’s session it was great to see.  He gain so much more confidence in his maths work and in himself.  My son enjoyed every session and learnt so much from him in maths.  I recommend Dennis.  He has to be one of the best teachers you can come across.

Submitted by Vanessa on 15/01/2024

Great maths teacher

Highly recommend Dennis. My yr 7 son has been taking his class for 6 months and his maths knowledge has really improved. My son looks forward to class which is half the battle and we both get a laugh from Dennis’s dad math jokes ?

Submitted by Happy Mum on 15/01/2024

The GOAT of Maths!

My son began attending Dennis's weekly online group classes just over 12 months ago. Initially seeking a tutor to assist with homeschooling my gifted child, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Dennis's expertise is truly unparalleled. His unique and engaging approach to teaching, both within the group setting and on an individual level, set him apart.Within the first two classes, Dennis not only identified my son's learning style but also tailored each subsequent class and homework assignment to suit his needs. The level of care and consideration he puts into his teaching is truly commendable. In every session, I witnessed my son fully engaged, enjoying the learning process, and eagerly anticipating the next session.I wholeheartedly recommend Dennis as a tutor. His commitment to understanding and adapting to individual learning styles makes him an exceptional educator. Without a doubt, he will continue to be my son's Chemistry and Maths tutor for 2024 and beyond. Thank you, Dennis, for your outstanding dedication and impact on my son's education.

Submitted by Rosaria on 13/01/2024